Iran Cell Service and Communication Company

Iran Cell Service and Communication Company is an Internet-Service-Provider. It owns dedicated IP-addresses and uses them for individual purposes. Iran Cell Service and Communication Company operates as a business entity and may or may not be eligible for the use of their IP's. Please contact the Provider directly in cases of misuse or other enquiries. As of Friday 23-Feb-2018 the ISP operates a fix amount of addresses. Currently Iran Cell Service and Communication Company owns and operates 1,300,500 IP-addresses. The company Iran Cell Service and Communication Company resides in Iran (IR). Please use the checksum as reference: 60d5b7a0251bbd8160782defd054602b Iran Cell Service and Communication Company is a company network with high security standards. 128-bit-encryption and SSL connections are handled via VPN (virtual-private-networks). The users operate in a DMZ (de-militarized-zone) that offers secure network traffic within the company.

Iran Cell Service and Communication Company quality-score

The availability reaches 93 rated very high score. Speed-Score is extremely high with 99 points. As one of the most important scores Iran Cell Service and Communication Company reaches 86 which is a high score. The trust-score reaches 94. This can be considered a very high score. The traffic-score lies at 88 points (high). Iran Cell Service and Communication Company is one of 82 ISP's operating in Iran (IR).

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