PT Telkom Indonesia

PT Telkom Indonesia is an Internet-Service-Provider. It owns dedicated IP-addresses and uses them for individual purposes. PT Telkom Indonesia operates as a business entity and may or may not be eligible for the use of their IP's. Please contact the Provider directly in cases of misuse or other enquiries. As of Friday 23-Feb-2018 the ISP operates a fix amount of addresses. Currently PT Telkom Indonesia owns and operates 2,178,210 IP-addresses. The company PT Telkom Indonesia resides in Indonesia (ID). Please use the checksum as reference: b8ef036ccf9a276ef86ff6fa57fdea77 PT Telkom Indonesia operates a valid network as a provider, VPN or internet-provider. These networks can be used as a internet-entry-point for customers, host for websites or other purposes. Please review the ISP-website information to get an overview about their services, terms and conditions. Also have a look at their privacy and encryption-standards which must comply to the local government guidelines.

PT Telkom Indonesia quality-score

The availability reaches 88 rated high score. Speed-Score is very high with 91 points. As one of the most important scores PT Telkom Indonesia reaches 85 which is a high score. The trust-score reaches 84. This can be considered a high score. The traffic-score lies at 99 points (extremely high). PT Telkom Indonesia is one of 88 ISP's operating in Indonesia (ID).

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